Hey! Hi! Hello! My name is Holland (Holly for short, if ya want) Colvin. I’m a Bloomington, Indiana-based creative. By creative, I mean I consider myself versatile when it comes to all things… creative. Design? Yep. Pretty much anything design-related really gets me going. Fine art? Heck yeah! That’s where it all started. Fashion? Um yes. Some may say I’m a ~fashionista~. Color enthusiast? Man, you have no idea. Amateur plant-owner? You betcha.

See what I mean? Lots goin’ on here.

But for website-purposes, I’m here to show you what I can do (and have done). That’s why I’ve mocked up, cropped, tweaked, and resized some of my work thus far and carefully curated for your curiosities and inquiries.

So, have at it. Holla at me. Scroll and click and swipe to your hearts’ desires. Admire, critique, and explore.